Nickel Plated Brass Grommet, Size 0

Beacon Fabric & Notions

$ 13.95 
SKU: 030131


3/16" Inside Diameter Plain Nickel Plated Brass Grommet. Sold in one gross (144) boxes only. Requires tools for installation.

Grommets with Plain Washers. Useful for tents, tarps, covers, curtains, banners, flags and boat canvas.

  • Brass Grommets available in brass, nickel plated brass and Black Oxide Coated styles. (One washer and one grommet per set.)
  • Sizes 00 through 4 shown here. Other sizes available. 
  • Spur Metal Grommets, which are used for Sails, T tops and other high stress applications are available. 
  • Each Fabric Grommet size and type requires a separate setting tool. You must have the correct setting tool for the selected grommet.

  • To install a grommet, cut a circular hole, either with scissors or with a grommet hole cutter. Then use the correct inserting die for the grommet.