Upholstery Supplies for All Your DIY Projects

When you're working furiously and passionately on your latest upholstery project, running out of a necessary supply is always frustrating. Thankfully, Beacon Fabric & Notions offers premier upholstery supplies specifically for people like you.

Discover Our Supplies

Our supplies are of the highest quality and are conveniently gathered in one location. Whatever you need for your current project, whether you need twine, clips, welting, needles or pins, or even tacks, nails, and screws, Beacon Fabric & Notions has the supplies that you want.

We offer a variety of twines so that you can find precisely the right fit for the cushions or pillows that you are working on.

Our hand stitching twine comes in black and white so you can blend the twine into the background or sharply contrast it with the other colors of your design.

Our tufting twine works wonderfully to secure buttons or fasteners to chairs and cushions or even to tie down fabric and create button-less patterns.

Whether you have on a garden project or something with a stronger rustic aesthetic, our hemp string twine works beautifully.

We understand the variety of projects our customers work on and provide the supplies that you need to accomplish your vision. Whatever the project that you are consumed with, our twine and other upholstery supplies help you accomplish it.

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Since 1990, we have provided our customers with fast shipping and low prices. We understand the necessity of maintaining momentum on the craft and upholstery projects that you are working on, so we send you your supplies as quickly as possible.

We understand the difficulty of searching for the precisely right piece to complete your project and being unable to find it anywhere. If you don't see the particular supply that you need, call us and we'll find it.

Order our upholstery supplies today! Call Beacon Fabric & Notions at (602) 753-1093 with any questions you have.