Nickel Plated Brass Grommet, Size 4

Beacon Fabric & Notions

$ 0.41 
SKU: 030135


1/2" Inside Diameter Uncoated Plain Brass Grommet. Requires tools for installation.

Grommets with Plain Washers. Useful for tents, tarps, covers, curtains, banners, flags and boat canvas.

  • Brass Grommets available in brass, nickel plated brass and Black Oxide Coated styles. (One washer and one grommet per set.)
  • Sizes 00 through 4 shown here. Other sizes available. 
  • Spur Metal Grommets, which are used for Sails, T tops and other high stress applications are available. 
  • Each Fabric Grommet size and type requires a separate setting tool. You must have the correct setting tool for the selected grommet.

  • To install a grommet, cut a circular hole, either with scissors or with a grommet hole cutter. Then use the correct inserting die for the grommet.