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Flags and banners need to be made from sturdy, durable fabric. Most often, banners are made from nylon. At Beacon Fabric, our fabric supply for flags and banners consists mostly of uncoated nylon in every color of the rainbow.

All About Our Fabric

Nylon is a synthetic fabric, which means it's less susceptible to weather damage. This is why nylon is such a popular choice for flags and banners. We carry a wide range of colors of 200 denier uncoated nylon. Most people are familiar with this standard type of nylon fabric.

While we sell many colors of nylon, make sure to choose the right color for your project. For example, you have a difference between Old Glory Red and Canada Red. Old Glory Blue is also much darker than even a regular Deep or Royal Blue. We also have metallic gold and metallic silver nylon for accents or a truly flashy banner.

If you're unsure about what colors you need for your project, our sample color card may be a great choice for you. Our sample color card features a square-inch sample of each nylon in our fabric supply. With this handy card, you can see how each color matches the others.

About Us

Since 1990, Beacon Fabric has been a great resource for embroidery, upholstery, and fabric supplies. We stock a wide range of materials for a variety of uses, such as outdoor and marine fabrics that you may have a hard time finding elsewhere.

Check out our fabric options below, and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out. You can call us at (602) 753-1093.