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Upholstery Nails for Sale

At Beacon Fabric & Notions, we give you a wide selection of upholstery nails and tacks to choose from. We have decorative upholstery nails as well as plain ones. Many of our options are round, but we do have square choices as well.

Our nails and tacks come in many different metallic colors and are made in the U.S., and our upholstery nails come in batches of 24 to 1000.

Our Tips

Beacon Fabric & Notions is proud to support anyone doing DIY projects or running a small business, whether you're starting your first chair or you're on your hundredth project.

A big step of upholstering is selecting the upholstery nails or tacks you'll be using. Consider what type of furniture you're working on and what style it is, as some of our upholstery nails work better with specific styles.

Next, consider the color of the fabric or upholstery you'll be using and find a nail that matches or complements the color and styling. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Pick upholstery nails that you like and would be happy to see in your finished piece of furniture, no matter if they match what the furniture "should" look like.

Our Service Promise

What sets Beacon Fabric & Notions apart from others is our quick and effective responses to all your questions. We ship the day we receive your order, and if we are unable to ship that day, we'll notify you via phone or email to keep our process as transparent as possible.

We're proud to report we have cheap rates for all our products. Beacon Fabric & Notions has some quantity discounts available as well, just ask us about them.

Check out what upholstery nails and tacks we have down below and don't hesitate to call us at (602) 753- 1093 with any questions.