1 yard (Green) 420 denier Nylon Pack Cloth, Polyurethane coated, 59" Wide

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$ 9.99 
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59 inch wide pack cloth in 16 different colors, sold by the yard.
  • One yard minimum purchase.
  • Pack Cloth is used for backpacks. That is how it got it's name. A versatile fabric. Lighter than Cordura and heavier than Oxford Cloth. 420d Nylon Pack Cloth is a good choice where a medium weight nylon fabric is needed. Durable and highly water repellent.
  • Pack Cloth is not just for backpacks! Also used for military gear, sporting equipment, tactical vests, horse blanket, bean bags, tarps, raingear, aprons, lightweight luggage, wallets, bicycle covers, garment bag, gym bagslaundry bags and duffle bags.
  • It has an (approximately) 3/4 oz. clear Urethane coating which,which will keep out water. This coating is on the back (wrong) side of the fabric.
  • Waterproof 420d Nylon Pack Cloth Fabric. Weighs 6.8 ounces per square yard.
  • Flexible and easy to sew For most applications you should use heavier thread. V46 or V69 are the easiest for home sewers to use. V69 is the heaviest thread you can use in a home sewing machine. V46 is often used for upholstery. You will need a #18 Jeans Needle, in your home machine. You may have to adjust your tensions.
  • Cut yardage is non-returnable.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash or Machine wash on the gentle cycle. Air Dry or low heat on your dryer. Ironing should not be necessary. If ironing is needed, use a (very) cool iron.