Bottom Zipper Stop, Black, #5

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SKU: 090986

  • End Stops for Separating Zippers
  • There are two types of Zipper Stops. End Stops that go onto each side of the Zipper.
  • Bottom Stops that go across the entire Zipper. The stops prevent the pull (slider) from coming off the Zipper Tape.
  • Top Stops are used on each side of the Zipper, when the Zipper is in the open position, to stop the pull from coming off. Use Top Stops when you want one end of the Zipper to remain open. Top Stops eliminates the need to cut the Zipper and sew it down to form a stop.
  • Use Bottom Stops on closed end Zippers. Bottom Stops can also be used with Zipper Tape All of our stops fit #5 or #10 Zippers, either tape or separating Zippers.
  • Simply crimp the stops in place with pliers.
  • Available in White, Black and Stainless Steel.