(Black) 18" Heavy Duty Zipper

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$ 4.69 
SKU: 090087

  • size 10 (10 millimeters across the teeth) used where strength is important
  • Heavy Duty Zippers: nylon, separating, molded teeth zippers with Double Plastic Pulls.
  • These are Boat Zippers, Tent Zippers and Sleeping Bag Zippers. Use anywhere a strong zipper is needed. White and Black, 12" to 144".
  • The width of the teeth is 10 mm (a little over 3/8")
  • Overall width of the tape is about 1 1/2".
  • Has a double nylon slide.That is, a pull on each side of the slider. Heavy duty zippers, often referred to as Industrial Zippers or Marine Zippers
  • These are separating zippers, that is, they come completely apart. That is why they are used as Tent Zippers.