Machine Embroidery Needles, Cone Thread Holders and Sewers Aid

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505 Adhesive Spray and Fix 505 Adhesive Spray and Fix  Our hot picture. Indicates a fast moving item.
This temporary adhesive spray is a timesaver when you embroider, quilt or applique. It will not gum up your needle or spot fabric. Use it when positioning items on flags or banner or in embroidery to stabilize a knit fabric. 8.5 Oz can.

Price:   $13.49    

Sewers Aid Sewers Aid
 1/2 oz 
This lubricant used on your spool of thread helps avoid splitting and fraying. Works especially well with Metalic and Iridescent Threads. A handy silicone lubricant. Apply sparingly to sewing machine thread. Lubricates thread guides and tension mechanisms as the thread passes through the machine. Apply to needles, hand and machine. Makes for smoother sewing and easier penetration of the fabric. Apply to the bottom of the presser foot and other attachment. Makes them glide over fabrics more easily.

Price:   $5.09    

Cone Thread Holder Cone Thread Holder
Used for cone type thread this holder provides better flow of thread. Breakage and twisting is decreased because tension is kept consistent.

Price:   $5.99    

Embroidery Needles for Sewing Machines
This larger Eye Schmetz® Needle is excellent for embroidery thread. Its shape helps eliminate skipped stitches and thread breakage. Pack contains three 11/75 and two 14/90 Embroidery Needles.

Price:   $4.99    

The picture is of a Twin Embroidery Needles, 2.0mm/75. The needle choice is an integral part of the embroidering process. Twin Embroidery Needle, 2.0mm/75
Two 2.0mm/75 machine embroidery needles on a cross bar.

Price:   $5.75    

Twin Embroidery Needle, 3.0mm/75 Twin Embroidery Needle, 3.0mm/75
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Price:   $5.75