Bun Warmer For Rolls

by Lydia Morgan

The Completed Project, with Rolls.

Cut 6 circles of fabric -15 inch diameter-(16" if using instructions for sewing machine construction)
Cut 3 circles of thin batting - I used Lofty, see @@cat99@@
2" of Hook and Loop (Velcro®), 1" wide, see @@cat83@@
Serger Instuctions
Place two fabric circles with right sides out and a layer of batting in betwen them. Do the same for the other circles. (this gives you three circles to work with)
Set up your serger with decorative Serger thread, such as Woolly Nylon, Pearl Crown Rayon, Candlelight or Designer 6 (see @@cat59@@) in upper and lower loopers. Stitch around each set of circles with a three thread overlock stitch. You now have three circles with serged edges.
Mark one circle in sixths and then place on top of one other circle. See diagram A below
Stitch through both circles along line you have drawn with a medium length straight stitch. As shown by the dotted lines.
Now mark one of these circles at center of each of the sixth you have just made. See diagram B below.
Place the thrid circle below this circle and stitch circle 2 and 3 together in toward center of circle at markings, approximately 3" in. Be sure to sew only circle 2 & 3 and start at the outside edge and sew in toward center.
On circle 1 mark center of one of the sections you made and stitch a 2" piece of velcro to the outside, not catching the other circles.
Skip one of the sections and mark center of the next section and stitch a 1" piece of the remaining Velcro. Repeat this last step one more time. You should have a piece of velcro on every other section of the circle that was sewn in sixths only. See diagram C, below.
Bring the velcro pieces together and you now have a completed Bun Warmer.

Sewing Machine Instuctions
Make your circles 1" larger and sew right sides together, leaving a 4" opening so your can turn the circles right side out. Top stitch around circle and close the opening as your top stitch the circle. Now proceed with the directions above at #.

The Completed Roll Cover

The Roll Cover laying flat.